Skip the struggle of a tangled headphone cord and stop worrying about misplacing that pesky Lightning dongle for your iPhone. These wireless earbuds are the best you can buy, and they’re compatible with all of your most beloved devices.

AUG 15, 2018
Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds
The completely wireless Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are the best pick worth your attention today, offering top-notch sound quality and wireless connectivity, as well as excellent battery life. They’re also stylish and exceptionally comfortable.


Soundcore Spirit Pro Wireless Earbuds
With an elegant design, a comfy fit, and entertaining sound, the Soundcore Spirit Pro wireless earbuds by Anker are the best affordable pick in this lineup. If you’re shopping on a tight budget, you need to have them at the top of your list.


Sony WF-SP700N Completely Wireless Earbuds
Sony’s WF-SP700N completely wireless earbuds are our favorite for exercising. The seamlessly comfortable, sweatproof earbuds have great audio quality and a noise-canceling feature to help you tune out during your workouts.


​RHA MA390 Wireless ​Earbuds
The RHA MA390 wireless earbuds offer a combination of sleek design, great audio quality, and an industry-leading 3-year warranty that puts them in a league of their own.


​Libratone Track+ Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds
The Libratone Track+ wireless earbuds have stylish design, great sound quality, and excellent noise canceling you can adjust to your liking. If you’re looking for wireless earbuds that’ll help you completely tune out your surroundings, these are the ones to go for.


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Shopping for wireless earbuds can seem like an overwhelming experience because of the sheer amount of options you can choose from today. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option, a great workout companion, or a pair of earphones that’ll help you tune out your surroundings, we have a great pick for your needs and budget.

For the first time since covering the wireless earbud space, we recommend a pair of completely wireless earbuds as the best option for most consumers — the Jabra Elite 65t. Once part of a pricey and unreliable sub-category of products, today’s finest truly wire-free earbuds have evolved to deliver great sound, a reliable device connection, and enough battery life to meet the demands of most users. Most importantly, today’s best completely wireless earbuds are also priced competitively, so they’re more attainable to consumers than ever before.

See below for our best wireless earbuds picks, and you’ll be listening to music in a whole new way in no time.

Learn More About Our Top Five Picks:
1. Jabra Elite 65t Completely Wireless Earbuds — Check Price
Best Overall
Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds

Pros: Elegant design, comfy fit, great sound and battery life

Con: The charging case uses a microUSB connector

Bottom Line: The best wireless earbuds we’ve tested to date.

The Jabra Elite 65t completely wireless earbuds are our top pick for most consumers today. They’re stylish, comfy, and capable of delivering an excellent audio experience. The Elite 65t earbuds also maintained a rock-solid connection with a smartphone during our testing, which is hardly a surprise — they’re Jabra’s third-generation wire-free model, so they’ve been improving them with each iteration.

Crucially, the Elite 65t will make you forget about dealing with wires while listening to your favorite audio content. This makes Jabra’s completely wireless offering a game-changer for this category, as well as a benchmark for all upcoming products.

The qualities of the Jabra Elite 65t earbuds have earned them top marks from the likes of CNET, Digital Trends, Engadget, and The Verge, among other publications. All reviewers have praised the headset for its audio quality, robust wireless connection, and solid battery life.

One of our editors who tested a pair of Elite 65t earbuds was left impressed by their discreet and comfortable fit, as well as their ability to effortlessly block ambient noise. She enjoyed never having to worry about wires while using them, their convenient carrying case (which doubles as a charging dock), and the option to answer phone calls by simply tapping on the right earbud.

We were all impressed with the sound quality of the Elite 65t. It’s well-balanced and easy to tweak to your exact liking via extensive equalizer settings in Jabra’s mobile app. The Jabra app will also let you set up your favorite virtual assistant on the headset — you can pick from Alexa, Siri, or the Google Assistant.

Jabra Elite 65t Completely Wireless Earbuds
With a quartet of built-in microphones, the headset ensures that your phone calls sound clear, too. The noise isolation of the earbuds is also superb.

The Elite 65t earbuds can last up to 5 hours between charges, which is excellent for a completely wireless model. The bundled battery case is good for another 10 hours of wireless freedom.

The earbuds have an IP55 rating for water and dust resistance; a variant with a higher IP rating is also available for workout warriors who need that extra level of sweat protection. Jabra backs the Elite 65t with a 2-year warranty against damage from moisture — all you need to do is register the headset in the Jabra app.

2. Soundcore Spirit Pro Wireless Earphones — Check Price
Best Budget Buy
Soundcore Spirit Pro wireless earbuds

Pros: Elegant design, great battery life, dedicated audio setting for extra bass

Con: Some might find the sound signature a tad too bass-heavy

Bottom Line: These are the best affordable wireless earbuds with entertaining sound you’ll love.

The Soundcore Spirit Pro wireless earbuds by Anker are currently our favorite pick for budget-conscious buyers. They have a sleek look, great build quality, and a surprisingly entertaining sound with a dedicated setting for enhanced bass, which is a great choice for keeping you motivated during your workouts.

Soundcore Spirit Pro Wireless Earphones
The metal casing of the Soundcore Spirit Pro is worthy of a higher price point, but you’ll get these at a wallet-friendly bargain. The earbuds are sweatproof and comfortable to wear, and there are plenty of ear tips in their retail package to help you find the best fit. We also like that — thanks to built-in magnets — they’ll seamlessly snap together when not in use.

One of our testers loved the snug fit and the waterproof construction of the Soundcore Spirit Pro. She liked them for their audio quality and noise isolation, and liked that they snapped together easily, too.

You can expect up to 10 hours of battery life from the Soundcore Spirit Pro wireless earbuds between charges, which is quite impressive for an affordable pair.

3. Sony WF-SP700N Completely Wireless Earbuds — Check Price
Best for Working Out
Sony WF-SP700 Completely Wireless Earbuds

Pros: Seamlessly comfortable and sweatproof, with great sound and adjustable noise cancellation

Con: The battery life isn’t as great as other wire-free models

Bottom Line: Sony’s completely wire-free earbuds will help you tune out during your workouts, thanks to its audio abilities and its noise-cancellation feature.

Sony’s WF-SP700N wire-free earbuds are the best option for working out. They’re not only completely wireless and exceptionally comfortable, but they’re also capable of delivering excellent noise cancellation. This feature sets the earbuds apart from all their rivals, and it’ll allow you to completely immerse yourself in your workout every time you turn it on.

Defined by rich, motivating bass, the sound of the Sony WF-SP700N earbuds is perfect for hitting the gym. You can make adjustments to the audio experience via a mobile app, and the noise-canceling feature has a designated control button on the left earbud.

Sony SP700N Truly Wireless Noise Canceling Sports In-Ear Headphones
The wire-free earbuds have an eye-catching, colorful design. There are four cool paintjobs to pick from — black, white, pink, and yellow. We like that Sony has opted to offer the carrying case of the earbuds in a matching color, too.

With a maximum battery life of 3 hours between charges, the Sony SP700 earbuds are strictly reserved for workouts, not all-day use. Their short-lived battery life is the tradeoff you’ll make for having noise cancellation in such a tiny package.

A reviewer who’s an avid runner loved the comfortable and secure fit of the SP700 earbuds. She enjoyed the noise-canceling feature and the sound, but found their buttons a bit challenging to operate on the go. She also liked the convenience of the carrying case, even though she found placing the earbuds inside it unnecessarily difficult.

Reviewers from CNET and The Verge gave the Sony SP700 wireless earbuds high marks for their exceptional fit, and liked its bass-heavy audio signature.

4. RHA MA390 Wireless Earbuds — Check Price
Best Warranty
RHA MA390 Wireless Earbuds

Pros: Stylish, comfortable, fun sound, USB-C charging, industry-leading warranty

Con: The battery life could be better

Bottom Line: The RHA MA390 earbuds deliver design and features worthy of a higher price tag, with a warranty that can’t be beat.

The RHA MA390 wireless earbuds have a combination of great design and craftsmanship, superb ergonomics, an industry-leading 3-year warranty, and an impressive audio experience that’s worthy of a higher price tag.

The ergonomics of the RHA MA390 wireless are flawless. The neckband is soft and flexible, so you’ll easily forget it’s there throughout your day. The earbuds have a sweatproof build, too, so you can hit the gym with them. The headset’s retail package includes three sets of ear tips and a soft carrying pouch.

RHA promises up to 8 hours of wireless audio from the MA390 wireless earbuds on a battery charge. This isn’t the best in its class, but it’ll easily get you through a day of use. The earbuds have a handy fast-charging feature, which allows you to get an hour of playback after only 15 minutes of charging. We also love that, like all RHA wireless offerings, the headset uses a USB-C port for charging.

One of our testers said she liked the audio quality and the battery life of the MA390 Wireless. She said the earbuds were comfortable, but found swapping the bundled ear tips to find the right fit a tad too burdensome.

PC Magazine and TechRadar reviewers praised the headset for its sleek design and excellent audio quality for its price point. They also acknowledged that, despite their sweatproof build, the MA 390 wireless earbuds might not be the best option for exercise enthusiasts because they lack ear fins for a more secure fit. However, they’re great for everyday wear.

5. Libratone Track+ Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds — Check Price
Best Noise-Canceling Option
Libratone Track+ wireless earbuds

Pros: Great sound quality, adjustable noise canceling

Con: There’s no carrying case in the box

Bottom Line: The best wireless noise-canceling earbuds out there are also the most stylish.

The Libratone Track+ are the best noise-canceling wireless earbuds available today. Arguably the most stylish offering on this list, they have adjustable noise canceling and excellent audio quality. Thanks to their soft rubber neckband, the Track+ earbuds are also perfect for everyday use.

Libratone Track+ Wireless Noise Canceling Earbud
There are four distinct noise-canceling levels that the Libratone Track+ earbuds offer. You can completely tune out your surroundings, block ambient noise partially, turn the feature off and rely on passive noise-canceling, or channel outside noise into the headset. The last option is perfect for commuting — it allows you to simultaneously enjoy content and be aware of your surroundings. You can change the noise-canceling settings via a dedicated button or a mobile app.

The sound of the Track+ wireless earbuds is enjoyable and good for most types of audio content. However, audiophiles might be a tad taken aback by the slightly bass-heavy signature of the headset.

Libratone claims that the Track+ earbuds (which come in black or white) can last up to 8 hours between charges. Though it’s not as long as other wireless earbuds, the shorter battery life is hardly a surprise given the active noise canceling the headset offers.

Despite their hefty price tag, it’s worth noting that the earbuds don’t come bundled with a carrying case. We would have also liked if the headset used USB-C port for charging instead of a microUSB connector as well.

One of our reviewers liked the comfortable fit and well-placed audio controls of the Libratone Track+ earbuds. She also enjoyed the audio quality and the noise-canceling tech the headset offered. She did, however, find the earbuds’ loose fit unsuitable for working out.

Review editors from Digital Trends and Tom’s Guide liked the design of the Libratone Track+, their enjoyable sound, and the vast amount of available features they offer. They also noted the lack of a bundled carrying case and the use of an older microUSB port for charging.

More of Our Top Picks:
Want more highly rated options? These offering are worthy of your consideration, too.

6. RHA MA750 Wireless Earbuds — Check Price
Best Neckband Style

Pros: This pair has a cool industrial design, great battery life, and the best warranty in the business, all at a good price

Con: A balanced sound signature means that bass isn’t as punchy as some might like

Bottom Line: The best bluetooth earphones worth your attention for great battery life at a good price.

Machined from stainless steel, the RHA MA750 Wireless earbuds have a design and finish worthy of a much higher price tag. The IPX4 splash-proof headset comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty, so it’s clearly made to last.

What’s even more impressive is the headset’s sound quality, which puts many higher-priced competitors to shame. Thanks to a duo of high-quality audio drivers, the MA750 bluetooth earbuds deliver a balanced sound signature. They also support both aptX and AAC streaming codecs, allowing listeners to enjoy high-quality audio.

RHA MA750 Wireless: AptX Enhanced Bluetooth Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones
Other key features of the MA750 wireless earphones include NFC for one-touch pairing with a compatible device, a comfy neckband, and up to 12 hours of battery life. The headset uses a USB-C port for charging.

7. BeatsX Wireless Earphones — Check Price
Best for Comfy Fit

Pros: Lightweight and incredibly comfortable, you can charge them with your iPhone cable, and they offer a fun sound experience

Con: The battery life could be better

Bottom Line: These are the comfiest bluetooth earphones out there.

The BeatsX Earphones deliver elegant design, good sound quality, seamless fit, up to 8 hours of battery life, and a Lightning connector for charging. Plus, Apple’s W1 chip ensures that the headset can pair seamlessly with your iOS and macOS hardware — all you have to do is power up the headset in proximity to the device and follow the on-screen prompt.

The sound quality of the BeatsX wireless earbuds is typical for the brand. If you have a knack for well-defined bass in your tunes, you’ll love the BeatsX.

When not in use, the BeatsX Earphones easily fold into a tiny pouch, so they’re easy to carry around, regardless of the occasion. There are six colors to pick from — black, white, blue, gray, matte gold, and matte silver. The last two colors are a perfect match for Apple’s iPhone 8 lineup.

We gave a pair of BeatsX wireless earbuds to a colleague to test, and she liked the headset’s lightweight body, secure fit, and its intuitively placed audio playback controls. She used the headset during morning and evening commutes and got a full week of use between battery charges. She was particularly impressed with the convenience of charging the BeatsX with the same cable as her iPhone.

Testers from CNET and TechRadar have praised the BeatsX for their comfort and their seamless pairing with Apple hardware. They also liked the headset’s fast-charging feature.

8. Apple AirPods — Check Price
Best for Effortless iPhone, iPad, and Mac Connectivity

Pros: Great for seamless connectivity and good battery life

Con: The noise isolation isn’t great

Bottom Line: They offer seamless iPhone pairing, good sound, and great battery life.

Apple’s AirPods deliver the best iPhone-, iPad-, and MacBook-pairing experience in the business — all you need to do is flip their case open and bring them close to your compatible device. The trick comes courtesy of the tech giant’s W1 chip, which also helps the AirPods deliver better battery life (up to 5 hours on a charge) than most other wire-free earphones.

The AirPods deliver good sound quality, and they’re designed to appeal to a broad range of audio tastes. However, their ambient noise isolation could be better.

9. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds — Check Price
Best for Colorful Design and Great Sound

Pros: They offer a comfy fit, complete with the signature Bose sound and good battery life

Con: Not the most elegant truly wireless earphones out there

Bottom Line: Offering signature Bose sound without wires.

The Bose SoundSport Free completely wireless earbuds come in in a trio of cool colors — black, midnight blue with citron accents, and bright orange.. The audio giant’s first wire-free in-ear headphones have a lightweight body with an IPX4 rating for water resistance, as well as a comfortable fit that makes them a perfect companion for your workouts.

In terms of audio, the SoundSport Free earbuds offer a typical Bose experience, headlined by a mostly neutral sound signature with a pleasantly soft bass delivery. Users can connect the headset to a mobile app for audio tweaks and firmware updates.

The 5-hour battery life of the SoundSport Free earbuds is impressive for their form factor. The bundled battery case provides an additional 10 hours of charging independence, too.

10. Sony WI1000X Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds — Check Price
Best for Active Noise-Canceling and Hi-Res Audio Support

Pros: This pair has great sound quality, along with top-notch noise canceling

Con: The battery life could be better

Bottom Line: Wireless noise-canceling earbuds that also offer impressive sound quality.

Sony’s range-topping WI1000X bluetooth earphones are stylish and packed with cutting-edge tech. Available in black and gold, the headset has advanced noise-canceling tech, which automatically adjusts to the ambient noise around you. Users can tweak the headset’s noise-canceling and audio features via a mobile app.

The audio quality of the Sony WI1000X wireless earbuds is exceptional — regardless of your music preferences, you’ll be pleased by the sonic experience that the WI1000X delivers. As expected from a high-end Sony audio product, the earphones support Hi-Res Audio, as well as a plethora of top-shelf codecs that’ll appeal to audiophiles.

The earbuds can last up to 10 hours on a single battery charge. A neckband with clever cable management and NFC connectivity round up their most important features.

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