In a nutshell, growing marijuana stinks.  Even if you’re not aware of the odour, the marijuana smell of a flowering plant is very strong, making marijuana odour control essential if you don’t want your grow to be discovered.  Luckily there are various ways of combating growing odours:

Carbon Filter – Probably the most effective marijuana odor control tool. Carbon filters prevent the marijuana smell that is emitted from your grow room  Attach to your exhaust fan and keep room humidity under 60%.  Above 65% and the moisture in your room clogs the carbon and makes it ineffective. 
Carbon Filter

Ozone generator – Neutralizes marijuana smell by creating an ozone (O3) and oxidizing the bad smells.  The extra oxygen molecule attaches itself to the contaminants, oxidizing them and turning the O3 to O­2 for a safe growing environment.  Clever stuff indeed.
Ozone creator
Deodorants – Putting deodorants in your grow room helps with general marijuana odor control, eliminating some of the marijuana smell at source.  Handy deodorants like Ona Gel in the corner of the room and Ozium help to purge your room of contaminants and avoid intrigue from any unexpected guests.  Deodorizing sprays can also be an effective form of odour control.
Ona Gel
Marijuana Odor control is an important part of your grow room setup and should be strongly considered prior to designing and planning your grow. Good planning means a more discrete grow room.

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