Elevated on the 25 Most Popular Strains list for the month of October, Tangie, Wedding Cake, and Forbidden Fruit sparked the interest of online shoppers as they headed into Halloween. For October, the retail marijuana price index for an eighth of state-sanctioned cannabis witnessed a noteworthy decline, which should beRead More →

No matter what marijuana plant problems you’re having, generally, there is a solution.  Use the marijuana troubleshooting guide below and get your grow back on track. Seeds White Seeds White seeds are immature and tend to crush easily under very little pressure. If you’ve produced them, discard them.  If you’veRead More →

Knowing how and when to harvest marijuana will leave you with buds with maximum potency which are smooth and tasty to smoke. A good harvest will ensure your marijuana reaches its full potential. This guide on marijuana harvesting will help you understand when to make the chop, as well asRead More →

In a nutshell, growing marijuana stinks.  Even if you’re not aware of the odour, the marijuana smell of a flowering plant is very strong, making marijuana odour control essential if you don’t want your grow to be discovered.  Luckily there are various ways of combating growing odours: Carbon Filter – ProbablyRead More →