25 Most Popular Strains Across North America in October 2017

Elevated on the 25 Most Popular Strains list for the month of October, Tangie, Wedding Cake, and Forbidden Fruit sparked the interest of online shoppers as they headed into Halloween.

For October, the retail marijuana price index for an eighth of state-sanctioned cannabis witnessed a noteworthy decline, which should be expected.

Harvest time, a.k.a. October and November, is generally an interesting period in the world of outdoor cultivation. Growers either had a successful season … or they really didn’t. While it’s a hectic and stressful season for the cultivator because of supply and demand, it’s almost always a great time of year for the consumer.

Over the past 30 days, those strains holding the top five positions on our Top 25 list witnessed a seasonal price adjustment. With the outdoor harvest season nearly complete, the downward price pressure was evident: Blue Dream dropped $4 per eighth; Gorilla Glue #4 fell $6 per eighth; Girl Scout Cookies declined $3 per eighth; Sour Diesel slid $5 per eighth, and Green Crack plunged by $7 an eighth.

Sourced from voluminous data points and compiled by online engagements via Weedmaps, October’s compilation of North America’s most searched strains provides industry insight for growers, collectives, and consumers.

Tangie – a California Orange x Skunk – blew past 11 other strains during October. Also propagating new popularity in the world of weed, Wedding Cake (Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie) jumped eight spots to the 25th position. Likewise, Forbidden Fruit showed upward trajectory during the third quarter of 2017, blasting past eight competitors to cultivate roots in the 14th spot.

More of a Treat than a Trick, for October, the average retail price for one of North America’s 25 Most Popular Strains was approximately $34.50 per eighth.

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